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And what is a rare type of Pokemon do you have?

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Pokemon Go Android


Playing catch Pokémon captured all the cities of the world, from USA to the whole of Europe. Where more even officially did not have the official start of the game, already appeared on the Internet hacked apps for android and IOS.

Game pokemon go APK format is available in large Internet resources, as well as on our website. Many are looking for a beta version of the game where you can test the software in their region where there is no office. start, but as an evil version of a very secretive provide developers, so there was no there markups or cheats.

We would like to inform you that we have found such a version and give you a link so you can dovnload pokemon go beta on your android phone or tablet. The developers did not expect that there will be a boom in the game, and large and small will be able to cover the city pokemonomaniey wave, from the adult to the small player.

Those who had not even played in Mario, decided to play pokemon go. The game has become as addictive that people even forget about real-time and allow workers and uchёbnye place to find and to catch at its location fatter Pokémon.

When you hunt for the evil pokemonchikov players wound up dozens of kilometers through the city to catch more small animals and get their reward in the form of HP to your account in your phone tablet sludge. When starting the game, everyone wants to find and catch all the famous Pikachu. Vid around this character Pokemon brand was created.


The secret of how to get the right Pikachu

You need a simple way to get around the starting Pokemon, which serves as a catch during training.

Moving it to the GM's Willow will offer you a simple start an unnecessary character, but he does not need you, because we have the goal Pikachu. Then you will need to change the location again and go to the Willow that will offer you a new Pokémon at the start. And so it will need to do as long as you do not see a well-known and most more than expected Pikachu.

The rest of the secrets you will be available here on our website. Good luck catching Pikachu and other animals. Bye Bye!!


Pokemon go Download





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