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And what is a rare type of Pokemon do you have?

How to play a friendly match in Pokemon Go

How to play a friendly match in Pokemon Go


The game Pokémon go there and peaceful side of the game, it allows players to make the fan between the allies. And if you do not know how to play a friendly match in Pokemon Go then we will tell you a little bit right now.

We need to find a union gym and spend a friendly match. This competition will be only plus two players. Since the hall itself strengthens and multiplies the number of tables, so that the Pokémon can stick to much more.

So your earnings go to the pokemon will increase and with it the very same protection. When there is a match you get ekspu time playing Pokemon go, and your dead Pokémon themselves are animated and rise to his feet, this way you will not have to use valuable ozhiitelnuyu water Pokemon.

We hope you found this post and you will become a little easier to do the fight with Pokemon and catch a large number of them, good luck to you!

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