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And what is a rare type of Pokemon do you have?

Pokemon go plus

Pokemon go plus


All of us enjoy the game of Pokémon, but what to do with our phones and tablets? they are the same when hunting Pokémon discharged within a few hours. And our game goes into a continuous nuisance.

The developers Pokemon go, have developed a new system that will alert you to the moment where the hidden your pokemon. So the more you'll never feel the discomfort on a daily hunt. We offer to your attention a very compact and cost-effective energy device Pokemon go plus!

This is an amazing device that is compatible: 

with iPhone® 5 / 5c / 5s / SE / 6 / 6S / 6 Plus / Plus 6c 

devices with firmware Ver. 8-9 installed. 

Go plus is attached to the arm and is connected to your android via bluetooth. Go plus is attached to the armGo plus is attached to the armAnd when you're on the hunt device is in active mode, and when approaching a Pokémon he will tell you in a moment of vibration signal.

Even when you walked past Pokémon, it is very much will flash and vibrate. It also works if you pass near PokeStopa. If you stopped at the vibration is in the vicinity of Pokémon, you need to click Pokemon Go Plus to quickly throw a Poke Ball-ball little creatures.

After throwing Pokemon Go Plus will start to warn you Svetlov signal that happened if you had to catch the Pokemon. So the hunt for small animals will now be very pleased, pleasing you with a new Hunt Pokemon go plus.


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