Masha and the Bear download 47 series

Маша и Медведь Крик победы

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Summer, silence, lake. Masha and Misha catch fish in the pond. And then came the noise from the bushes. It can scare away all the fish! Misha poisoned look. What happened? And then his girlfriend playing tennis one. Bear comes the idea - he can arrange a tennis court right outside his house. To play together. But on the court it comes to his rival.

Each of them wants to play with the lady, tied the brawl. Bear decides - throw a lot, and here begins a serious game two suitors. And on the lake Masha begins a serious bite. And in the bucket gets one fish after another.

I collect them all in a bucket and carried to show off a bear. A teddy bear is so carried away by the game that just did not notice her, she tripped and hurt yourself. Ambulance arrived very quickly, he was diagnosed - a broken leg. The black bear was delighted. As simple to eliminate a competitor. Masha was sorry for a friend and she invited him to play with her.

She diligently preparing for battle, I watched movies, read books. The day has arrived, but the black bear has been tricky given her to eat a chocolate bar, which blinded her mouth. Play was hard, but Masha was able to win and avenge the other. download Masha and the Bear 47 Series torrent free ...

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