Masha and the Bear download 41 series

Маша и Медведь Дело в шляпе

In the bag! Download 41 series Masha and the Bear torrent. Bear makes cleaning at home, so it was clean and comfortable. He opened his magic chest, and from there flew mole. As it turned out, catch it is not easy. As soon as the bear did not try. And chasing sprayer, and a fly swatter, and even with a vacuum cleaner, but nothing helped.

A mole turned out to be nasty - all crushes and barely on the way. Then visit bestowed Masha and as always wanted to play with his friend. But it was not there, bears have better things to do. Sadly it was, from then she saw the hat, which was lying just outside the door. He dressed her and saw her reflection in the mirror. How not to share this discovery with everyone?

At first it scared bunny. Who normally steal carrots, then girlfriend bears - it peacefully Statement Malinka collected in the forest. Finally, even the wicked and harsh wolves, who drove off in fear of her broken car. She was sad that no one shares her joy and wandered to bear hoping for consolation.

And in the house with him, full of mayhem. Mary realized that it's all arranged trays and tiny mole, and one bear can not cope with it. He wore his hat and caught her quietly. Caught? Super! And now we play hide and seek !! Download Masha and the Bear 41 Series free of charge through the torrent ...

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