Masha and the Bear episode 28 download - Knight's move!

Masha and the Bear episode 28 - Knight's move!

Knight's move! 

Download 28 series Masha and the Bear (By Misha came one Tiger comrades and decided to compete in a chess battle. The game was exciting and fun, until you ran Masha and did not want to stop them.

The girl really wants to also learn chess and learn some of its requests, Tiger agrees to teach her a skill game. But Masha clever and cunning girl, did not expect her teacher that she will be the winner in all the games.

Bear and Tiger merged into one team, but it did not help them win Masha. The girl took pity on his friends and invited them to a new game, but there are old comrades were an outsider ...

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I'm not wohrty to be in the same forum. ROTFL

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