Masha and the Bear episode 26 download - Attention, repair works!

Masha and the Bear episode 26 - Attention, repair works!Attention, repair works!

Download 26 series Masha and the Bear (Bear doing chores around the house and accidentally discovered an old and favorite photo, which was depicted, he and other baleen-striped. Finding a hammer and nail, Bear was about to hang a picture on the wall, but just as guests came Masha.

The girl began to diligently advise how to hang a picture better. After these recommendations, Misha got a hammer on the leg, fell closet and began a pogrom in the hut. Masha tried so hard to help, we had to finally call for help forest dwellers.

Masha all led, I interfere, but cleaning was completed. However, the TV and did not work to repair ...

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All of my questions seks-edlthantt!

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