Cartoons that you can watch children


At the moment, a crazy shot of variety of cartoons. There are even some television channels, which show only the clock cartoons. Online course also has not been canceled.
But whether children watch these cartoons? Recently, troubled parents often raise the question of the creation of the so-called "black lists" of cartoons in which they call to put all the cartoons, with the manifestations of violence, inappropriate jokes and frightening moments. Most psychologists respond that create any banned lists cartoon does not make sense. Cartoons
Cartoons Parents just need to think of yourself as watching the child and what is not. After all, most often they are engaged in their business, just put the children in front of TV or monitor, and leave for the day, not really controlling what they watch.
Then, noticing the symptoms and activity games, take it as aggression, taken from cartoons and trying to ban all children to watch some cartoons. After all, most of the adults in a child watched "Tom and Jerry", "Well, wait," for example, but aggressive rapists addictions did not.
They also had the same fights, car chases, and the wolf generally smoked. Is not it better just to better monitor their children and not to seek universal blacklist cartoons. The best way to show the children tested cartoons.
The child does not look anything extra if do not show him the cartoons on TV and on the computer or a big plate. And today in the description of most cartoons Set the age of the target audience. For the little ones best suited short cartoons, kids are not overloaded incomprehensible words and meanings.
"Masha and the Bear", "Luntik", "Smeshariki", "Fixico." It is good short cartoons with bright colorful characters affecting understandable kids theme. Just do not get carried away and include all series in a row.
Not more than an hour, and then change the type of activity of the child (offer to play with toys, or to paint, for example). Older children (from 3 years) can show a long cartoons.
At this age, kids are already able to hold the attention for a long time on what they are interested. Perfect for watching the story of the friendship, victory over fear.
The main thing that there was no obscure stories, images, scary special effects. Better not watch cartoons by dark colors and containing heavy metal music. For school-age children are well suited cartoons of courage, honor, responsibility, adventure, magic and true friendship.